Bespoke suits get a new advocate in Ottawa

Plus, a rather bloody Lawrence Gowan

The NDP have a leader back in the HoC. But the byelection win by Jagmeet Singh in Burnaby South coincided with his party getting knocked out in Outremont by Liberal Rachel Bendayan. And new MP Scot Davidson is keeping things Conservative in York-Simcoe.

Pimp My Ride’s worst episode gets worse  

Pimped ride aside, OPP deputy commissioner Brad Blair is threatening to sue Doug Ford for defamation, claiming the premier damaged his reputation after Blair spoke out against hiring Ron Taverner as the new provincial top cop. Meanwhile, it’s another new day in Ontario with the unveiling of a healthcare super-agency.

Cannabis & Coffee is suing the province for $1.1 million. The decision to cap the initial number of weed retail licences at 25 brought on legal action from one aspirant. Meanwhile, a similar try that opened last July packed it in:

JFL stokes even more stand-up anger

SiriusXM outsourcing its Canadian comedy channel to Just For Laughs continues to infuriate comedians accustomed to payments that came as a quirk of the CRTC’s controversial 2005 licensing of largely American satellite radio—a decision that the Liberals of the day sought to block. (Netflix never jumped through such hoops.) Comics also claim that Canada Laughs is now playing more clips from JFL executive Howie Mandel.

Twitter avatar for @davenystromDave Nystrom @davenystrom A video I made to try and clarify what the issue is for Canadian comedians with JFL taking over Canada Laughs on XM Radio. @howiemandel #justformoneySupport Canadian

Gowan’s reward for leaping at 62

Pictures from a solo concert by Scarborough’s own member of Styx prove that old prog rockers like him will ultimately outlive punk:

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