Zellers trademark trolled by a trailer

This could be a tourist attraction

Curiosity about who exactly applied for the Zellers trademark, which Hudson’s Bay failed to renew a year before its own pop-up was branded with the defunct discount store logo, inspired further investigation by Retail Insider. Not only did the Moniz family in Quebec slap the logo on a trailer, they nabbed the name of Kmart in Canada.

This hockey game was free

The return of the Toronto Maple Leafs to playing for a crowd at Scotiabank Arena came with surrounding scenes for Joe Warmington to feast on for the Toronto Sun. Maxime Bernier and Randy Hillier turned up with a sideshow to protest vaccine passports, while their supporters opted to play their own street hockey game.

Anti-mask activists ordered by Calgary judge to preach science, too.” Street pastor Artur Pawlowski was ordered to stick to a public health script in the future, along with being fined $23,000. Penalties were also handed down to his brother and an anti-mask café owner by a court that didn’t want to make them martyrs by doing time in jail.

Toronto’s most ratioed new MP

As the Globe and Mail remains eager to anoint onetime editor Chrystia Freeland as imminent prime minister, Justin Trudeau’s cabinet announcements are stalled. Meanwhile, plans from Kevin Vuong to remain an independent MP in Toronto after being ditched by the Liberals are reflected in tweets whose replies are mostly harsh:

Bell Media gives Rod Black a goodbye. The veteran sportscaster scored a press release and TSN news posting announcing the end of his three-decade run at CTV, having started his career at Winnipeg affiliate CKY. TSN fixture Michael Landsberg also got a press release for his early summer exit, which he says was entirely amicable.

Finally, a reach around the stars

Rumble has made news this year atypical of a Toronto-based startup, from suing Google over search engine results to drawing investment from the likes of Peter Thiel and J.D. Vance for being a platform that welcomes Donald Trump. Being valued at $500 million also seems to mean seeking ink about the kind of mouths they welcome: