Your body is allowed back into Wonderland

While the CNE becomes non-fungible

Reopening in May proved an impossibility for Canada’s Wonderland, but the York Region theme park now expects July 7 to be the date it can publicly operate with physical distancing. The determination clashes with the city of Toronto cancelling all festivals this summer, but the CNE hopes to keep its spirit alive by selling a memory of it as an NFT.

The circle is getting less small

Gordon Lightfoot played the last ticketed gig at Massey Hall before it closed for renovations three years ago—and his promise to be the reopening act will be fulfilled in late November. The first round of concerts at the storied Toronto venue are homegrown acts: Classic Albums Live shows fill the gaps for those who’ve retired or died.

It was a huge impact that pushed the boat backwards, I felt, substantially. It was not, by any means, a small tap.” California-based physician Irv Edwards was the first to testify at the trial of Linda O’Leary. The wife of Kevin O’Leary pleaded not guilty to a careless operation charge based on the 2019 Lake Joseph collision.

The Constitution isn’t so stiff

The announcement of a $10 million pledge to identify and commemorate residential school burial sites in Ontario changed the channel for Doug Ford after a weekend’s work of using the notwithstanding clause to limit third-party election advertising. Rivals are looking into what can be done in the courts to overturn the overturning at Queen’s Park:

CBC News is turning off Facebook comments for a month. A note from editor-in-chief Brodie Fenlon says the “vitriol and harassment” of social media reactions directed at journalists is motivating the experiment. Former radio columnist Jesse Hirsh was censured by CBC in 2018 after asking why CBC participates in Facebook.

Finally, the next stage for SAL