You are the product and the product is you

Towards a unified theory of Instagram

Toronto’s latest Instagram-backdrop pop-up is Eye Candy, at 322½ Queen West, where recent tenants have included Sears. The address was also occupied by a photo studio for a century.

What a killer’s unseal revealed

Documents made public in response to media requests have provided new angles on the Bruce McArthur story. The surrounding events had already inspired a CBC podcast, Uncover: The Village, which was praised by the New Yorker for transcending true crime.

Cutting public health programs and daycare programs to find the extra money to pay the Beer Store to change their contract? John Tory raised questions about the new Queen’s Park sensibility—and Doug Ford clapped right back. But now Toronto Public Health is considering advertisements to further express the municipal resistance to provincial cuts.

Andrew Scheer’s new charm defensive

Growing attention to the federal Conservative party’s “racist jackass problem” is inspiring allies to try and counter yellow-vest journalism:

Justin Trudeau thinks the Green by-election win is a victory for him. Liberals came in fourth in Nanaimo-Ladysmith, but the PM thinks that result vindicates his attention to climate issues. Paul Manly, who will be a B.C. MP alongside Elizabeth May, wanted to run for the NDP in 2015, but his candidacy was denied because of his position on Israel and Palestine.

Sherman book gets another chapter

The Billionaire Murders, by Kevin Donovan, is scheduled for an October 15 release by Penguin Random House, even though no arrests were made before this came down:

Daniel Dale quit the Toronto Star. No further details were revealed in an internal memo—which was tweeted, but then deleted. The newspaper considered Dale’s statistical fact-checking of Donald Trump to be its template for how to develop lucrative reporters.

Finally, a clickbait child is born

Meghan Markle had a boy, for whom the CN Tower was lit purple. The fact that she used to live in Toronto doomed the Canadian new media to try and grasp at any domestic angles: