Yonge Street is wondering what it needs to be

Just in time for cannabis at 333

The opening of Tokyo Smoke at 333 Yonge coincides with the city of Toronto inviting input on how sidewalks and roads along its main drag should be redesigned. “Yonge Tomorrow” proposals are already pointing toward wider sidewalks, if not a future that’s car-free.

Not all signs are over his head

Get ready for federal election news coverage dominated by documenting haters and fakers—which can be a kind of clickbait. The way intolerant shitposts can also affect political life offline is the basis of a new Maclean’s cover story: “Andrew Scheer has a problem.”

Maxime Bernier takes on the “Great Menstrual Products Unavailability Crisis of the early 21st century.” Liberals looking to make feminine hygiene products free in federal workplaces have given the People’s Party leader one more thing to troll everyone about.

Thin-slicing the mock guillotine

After the Ontario PCs called the OPP to investigate a protest, it was necessary to clarify that the fake guillotine in question didn’t include a headless Doug Ford effigy. Regardless, a past premier isn’t outraged:

As leading Gen Xers approach 50, they’re uncomfortably aware of the inexorable march of time.” This National Post piece from Andrew Potter coincides with Lisa Loeb resurrecting her hit “Stay (I Missed You)” upon the 25th anniversary of the peak GenX film, Reality Bites. She also recorded a remake with Burlington band Walk off the Earth.

Finally, two decades and one week

Smash Mouth released “All Star” on May 4, 1999, an anniversary marked in a long read from The Ringer, in which band guitarist and songwriter Greg Camp admits that he responded to a record company request to write a potential hit song by copying “One Week,” by Barenaked Ladies. Some may claim that they noticed the parallels all along: