Win, lose or draw leads to a riot in Montreal

Canadiens locked down in reverse

Concern about fans potentially rioting if the Montreal Canadiens lost the Stanley Cup semi-final were overridden by the reality that there was enough of a riot after they won. Police used tear gas to disperse crowds around the Bell Centre and made 15 arrests. The commotion outside meant spectators were under lockdown inside after the game.

The splatterings of a nation

The painted protest didn’t say long on St. Paul’s Co-Cathedral in Saskatoon, but the discovery of 751 unmarked graves at the former site of the Marieval Indian Residential School has added to the anguish over this history. Meanwhile, the ill-timed texting of Carolyn Bennett led to calls for the Crown-Indigenous relations minister to resign.

KyKy has dropped the third K from her company name. Doug Ford’s daughter changed her baked goods branding to the correct spelling of “cookies” after publicity for her new storefront led to a wave of reactions to its alliteration. While defending the play on her nickname, Kyla Ford heeded the backlash that she called “heartbreaking.”

The selling of Silver Surfers

A tribute concert for Neil Peart had three postponements, but it’s now scheduled for November in his hometown of St. Catharines, which is also commissioning a sculpture to accompany the pavilion in Lakeside Park named for the Rush drummer. Sooner than that, the collection of classic cars he left behind are going up for auction in California:

The painting by David Bowie that was picked out of a donation dump near North Bay sold for 21,624 times its purchase price. DHead XLVI had an estimated value of $9,000 to $12,000, but the winning bid was $108,120. Cowley Abbott auction house recognized the story of how it was found for $5 at the Machar Mall enhanced its worth.

Finally, all 15 seconds of fame

“Mandy” is continuing to pay off for TikTok heartthrob William White, whose popularity has been dissected by Taylor Lorenz in the New York Times. Modelling and merchandise sales allowed the 21-year-old from Niagara Falls, Ontario, to quit his landscaping job. Now, the original singer joins @whiteyy18 inside this virtual hot tub time machine: