Who are the 4 per cent who like Trudeau more?

The survey arrives after some facts

Leger’s latest polling shows nearly half of Canadians supporting an election call if Justin Trudeau is found to have violated ethics again, with his popularity worsening with a similar number. Meanwhile, the Liberals will have one less Toronto MP when Michael Levitt steps down on September 1, citing a desire to put his own family first.

A greater force than expected

Peter MacKay recently polled with 55 per cent support of Conservative leadership voters, and his donation numbers far exceeded those of Erin O’Toole in July. The last lap of the race turned out to be a more relevant story thanks to Leslyn Lewis, who entered on the relative fringes, but now intends to stay in politics no matter what.

How to run a stand-up club where socially distanced people can sit down. Comedy Bar in Toronto outlined its plans to reopen with safety protocols that meet the Ontario standards for Stage 3, as it fills its calendar with shows sold in tables for four. Elsewhere in the city, the days of the masked striptease have extended to the reopening of Filmores.

Haunted by a plantation rental

Ryan Reynolds became a Canadian hero with “Conquer COVID-19” shirts, among other creatively charitable pursuits. But his 2012 wedding to Blake Lively was back in the limelight, as he expressed further regret about the location where it happened:

Meghan Markle can protect the privacy of her five close friends. Their names won’t be disclosed as part of a lawsuit over the publication of a personal letter the Duchess wrote to her father. The ruling from a British judge overrides speculation that one of them was Jessica Mulroney, who recently returned to Instagram for a tabloid-bewildering flash.

Finally, this lawsuit’s for you

Neil Young became a U.S. citizen in January, motivated by the ability to vote against Donald Trump this fall. But first, he’s taken legal steps to stop the playing of his “Devil’s Sidewalk” along with “Rockin’ in the Free World” at future Trump campaign events: