When the dancing is no longer in the dark

Someone oughta alert Springsteen

Toronto hospitals have increasingly good news to share about COVID-19 patient numbers fading away, as daily case counts are eclipsed by superlative vaccination statistics. With that comes wondering whether Ontario’s second step of reopening can be accelerated to match the indicators: Doug Ford promises to take it to the table.

It’s like a loonie for each mile

Pleading guilty to violating quarantine rules by flying to the Yukon for a vaccine resulted in just $2,300 in fines for millionaires Rodney and Ekaterina Baker, to the outrage of locals in Beaver Creek. But no money can help Canadians who got AstraZeneca get into Springsteen on Broadway, where summer ticket-buyer shots need to be FDA approved.

First woman of colour, first Black person and first Jewish woman elected to lead a major federal party—it was never going to be a walk in the park.” Annamie Paul lashed back at fellow Greens who sought to dethrone her as party leader this week. But a motion was adopted for a non-confidence vote to be held as soon as July 20.

Time ticks on media legislation

An attempt to push Bill C-10 through with amendments from Liberals looking to bring the internet into the Broadcasting Act was slapped down by the speaker of the House. The debate also continues over amending the Copyright Act to force Big Tech payments to journalism, which newspapers have been trying to frame as an emergency:

Simu Liu says he’s not trying to end anyone’s career. The most outspoken Kim’s Convenience star did a virtual chat for the Banff World Media Festival, in which he lamented how he “can’t write a post on Facebook without it being picked up by news outlets.” Banff also provided a stage for Netflix to plug its Canadian production plans.

Finally, this is not the next GG