When the Amber Alert is your alarm clock

It provides extra time to complain

Smartphones buzzing with an Amber Alert around 5 a.m. facilitated one tired day of infuriation from some, along with admonishments to not react by calling 911.

A face for TV enters the PMO

Ben Chin went from newscasting to a failed Liberal candidacy, but soon found his niche in party communications. After a stint as chief of staff to Bill Morneau, he’s filling a gap left by Gerald Butts as an adviser to Justin Trudeau.

Boy, that’s the first event I’ve ever been booed.” Doug Ford was made to feel unwelcome by the crowd at the Special Olympics Ontario Invitational Youth Games—but it was hardly the first time that the premier was jeered in his political career.

Milwaukee can’t take playing Drake

Despite the rapper’s recent collaboration with former foe Meek Mill, they ain’t into such 6ix God harmony at this radio station, whose stunt earned interest beyond Wisconsin:

John Anderson Hamburgers are still slightly sizzling. Karon Liu of the Toronto Star visited the remains of the burger chain that the Toronto Maple Leafs winger put his name to four decades ago, after a notion to launch the next Tim Hortons fell through. (Three locations remain, although Anderson lives in Chicago.)

Dianetic dispatch within the Royal York

The state of the Church of Scientology renovation at 696 Yonge may remain unclear, but here’s a stoked promo for the church’s upcoming summit at Toronto’s historic hotel:

Douglas Coupland needs to reclaim what he named. A package of New York Times features on the legacy of Generation X includes the suggestion that the author of Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture didn’t play a role in it, because he was born in 1961.

Finally, we are all paparazzi now

Sean Penn has never been fond of folks snapping his photo. The incensed reaction to this idea seems best for everyone’s health: