What it took for a non-Liberal to win Toronto

A pop-up newsletter taking stock

The newest downtown Toronto MP says he’s keeping the seat he won in the federal election—even though the Liberal party cut ties with Kevin Vuong after the revelation that he didn’t disclose his dropped sexual assault charge. Vuong is the only non-Liberal representing Toronto in Ottawa, given how the NDP lost by 165 votes in Davenport.

Passport to Ford family fights

The latest video from Krista Ford had her lamenting the Liberal election victory for moving us toward the “new world order,” before more anti-vaxxer talking points from the treadmill. As for her premier dad, he resurfaced to introduce vaccine passports, while explaining his disappearance from public life as due to traversing Ontario.

Windsor-Essex suspended 172 hospital employees without pay for not getting at least one shot of a COVID-19 vaccine by the deadline. Staff were given an ultimatum two weeks earlier and have two weeks to get theirs or face termination. Meanwhile, the City of Toronto had at least 1,000 municipal staff who started this week without a shot.

New chevrons are in the air

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce unveiled a new corporate logo that it describes as being about connecting chevrons—something that makes it resemble the logo recently retired by Renault—and took the prior CIBC branding down from Commerce Court. Also in Toronto, CAA added its insignia to the Ed Mirvish Theatre, but the Honest Ed’s sign is still in storage:

Geddy Lee has written a memoir due out next fall. Rush’s frontman explained how struggling with the death of Neil Peart, followed by the pandemic lockdown, led his Big Beautiful Book of Bass co-writer Daniel Richler to coax a compilation of memories. The results will extend the afterlife of Rush beyond the release of their own beer.

Finally, don’t let this slip away

“What About Love” was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, based on being the 1985 comeback hit for Heart, a sister rock act from Seattle that counted as Vancouverites in its original run. But the group further fed Cancon radio quotas with a tune originally recorded by the band Toronto in 1982, then initially left off their album: