What is the election actually about now?

Justin Trudeau finds a sticky script

Liberals aren’t letting go of the argument that a Conservative government would bring in more for-profit health care, even if it’s framed as desire for private innovation. Justin Trudeau also said Erin O’Toole is so bad he makes Doug Ford look good when it comes to a subject like mandatory vaccines, even if they seem to have the same idea.

The cops contesting the shot

Toronto’s police union believes critical details are missing from the service demanding proof of vaccination status by September 13, even though policies are widely becoming more mandatory. But while Ontario is told to brace for a potential six to eight months of more COVID-19 waves, indoor venues were given hope for raising capacity limits soon.

Toronto deputy mayor Michael Thompson apologized for welcoming Chick-fil-A to Scarborough. Replies to the initial tweet questioned the cheerleading two years after its Canadian debut met with protests that didn’t stop excited customer lineups. Thompson clarified he’s not on board with the politics of Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy.

Cancelled before it could peak

When Private Eyes premiered on Global TV five years ago as a Jason Priestley vehicle based on the Brad Shade thriller novel series by Gare Joyce, the hippest press it got was shading in Vice as the “Hoser True Detectivewith a Hall and Oates cover version theme. But it turned out to be just the kind of show linear audiences enjoy:

Steph Curry’s parents accuse each other of cheating that ended 32 years of marriage. Divorce documents from Dell Curry and Sonya Curry tell a tale that’s roused much discussion. The family lived in Toronto when Dell played his final three seasons with the Raptors. Steph’s parents returned to catch the 2019 NBA Finals.

Finally, this line is laid down

Triumph: Rock & Roll Machine is set for a September 10 drive-in premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, two years after the trio reunited at a fan event for what was probably their final performance. The documentary has a good arc due to Rik Emmett quitting the group in 1988 and then not talking to his bandmates for 20 years: