Weird scenes surrounding the new abnormal

Might as well hibernate till it’s over

Paper products set ablaze in three Walmart stores in Kitchener and Waterloo resulted in an estimated $12 million in damages. An anti-mask motive is being investigated. Dollarama has its own issues after being found selling toxic hand sanitizer, and the government has had to clarify that it isn’t building internment camps for quarantine.

The unmasked spirit of Ontario

While currently running with wealthy backers in a Toronto federal byelection, Maxime Bernier brought his People’s Party message to Queen’s Park as part of a protest against emergency measures roused by rebel MPP Randy Hillier. Meanwhile, three Ontario Liberal candidates expressed regret for attending a political event that broke rules.

New Democrats will not give Prime Minister Trudeau the election he’s looking for.Jagmeet Singh steered his party to vote with the Liberals against the Conservative motion to create a committee to look into pandemic spending, helping to avert a fall election call. But the NDP leader has been campaigning for provincial votes in B.C.

Coming back as a real creep

Scott Speedman auditioned for the lead in Batman Forever at Citytv’s former Speakers Corner in Toronto. While he didn’t get the part, it helped deliver him to stardom on the series Felicity, then other less prominent roles in recent years. But a new level of fame lies ahead for Speedman, now that he’s been cast as America’s next top sociopath:

Quibi’s quick cancellation cuts off some Cancon. Bell Media’s deal with the $2-billion boondoggle involved six and a half months of short daily videos produced by CTV and TSN. Will Arnett also cashed a cheque for snarking about Canadiana on Memory Hole. The final thing Quibi debuted was the history of American Apparel produced by Vice.

Finally, death of an honest liar

James Randi, the Toronto-born magician and skeptic who died at age 92, mastered his own illusions along with shutting quacks down. His own cult following grew thanks to touring with Alice Cooper in 1973. The Amazing Randi renounced his Canadian citizenship after the RCMP trashed all of his props while hunting for drugs backstage: