Weekend election madness! And other stuff

This will end in a week, maybe

CBC filed a copyright infringement lawsuit over an election ad that contained short clips from its programming. While journalists Rosemary Barton and John Paul Tasker were attached to the suit, the CBC said their names will be removed as applicants. The scenario still raised many questions about whether Barton can continue to do her job.

Golden turkeys of the election

Sad to see what’s happened to the once great Liberal Party.

Justin Trudeau’s top advisor thinks a working guy wearing a mandated safety vest is a Nazi dog whistle.

A world away from Jean Chrétien praising the dignity of work.
October 14, 2019

Yellow vests derided as dog whistles, an anti-Trudeau ad deleted from Facebook for violent imagery, WeChat hosting a Chinese-language Conservative attack ad that claimed “hard drugs” would be legalized by Liberals, and a Borat-style monokini worn by a protestor in Cambridge, Ontario, were among the weekend campaign moments to remember.

Chrystia.ca domain points to what may come next. No one seems to know where the website came from, but Chrystia Freeland succeeding Justin Trudeau as Liberal leader was in the air as she attended a Mississauga, Ontario, rally with him. Concurrently, there’s been chatter about Peter MacKay as Conservative leader if Andrew Scheer loses.

Fear of the NDP parliament

The prospect of Jagmeet Singh’s rise leading to a Liberal-NDP coalition brings a new terror theme for the Tories. But classic Grits still believe that all other parties are equally worst:

Toronto slang on the rise thanks to city’s growing pop culture relevance.” The Canadian Press asked University of Toronto linguistics academic Derek Denis to explain the wider use of terms like “waste yute.” But rapper Kardinal Offishall thinks it’s old news.

Marvel’s quiet Cancon universe

Alpha Flight comics creator John Byrne declines media requests to discuss his clearly Canadian spin-off of the X-Men, leaving others to decode its history upon a revival:

Milli Gould dead at 86. The fashion designer, who’s currently the subject of a retrospective at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, opened her boutique in that city in 1964. Milli opened a second location in Toronto in 2002.

Finally, the circle of censure

Chanty Marostica, a Toronto comedian, posted a regretful statement on Facebook in response to accusations aired after Marostica criticized Yuk Yuk’s giving its stage to Louis C.K. What happened here gets explained on YouTube by Montreal duo Aba & Preach: