We need to talk about Kevin O’Leary’s boat

How he’s lawyered up is unclear

Kevin O’Leary’s publicist denied the reports that defence lawyer Brian Greenspan was hired by the star of Shark Tank amidst the OPP investigation into the Lake Joseph boat crash that left two people dead. The brother of Gary Poltash, who died along with Suzana Brito, said O’Leary and his wife should “do the time” if they’re found responsible for what happened.

On the left side of 22 Minutes

Hasan Minhaj spoke to Justin Trudeau for an episode of his Netflix show (which is also entirely on YouTube) and was tougher on the PM than CBC comedians would probably be. Also, the tradition of Nardwuar the Human Serviette election interviews start with Jagmeet Singh, who’s introduced to history like the NDP holding a psychedelic picnic.

Greta Thunberg is clearly mentally unstable.” Maxime Bernier dispatched the People’s Party take on the teenage Swedish climate activist. Meanwhile, exaggerated reports of a British child killer moving to Canada roused Conservative concern.

The new podcast land grab

Kevin Newman’s podcast, Attention Control, starts with a claim of 19-million data-breached Canadians—that is, after a plug for the truth-telling superiority of CTV News. And, just before CBC enters a similar fray, there’s this:

Kerry Stratton dead at 66. The longtime voice for the New Classical FM was also conductor of the Toronto Concert Orchestra. After being diagnosed with ALS, Stratton took on the role of narrator in what was his final performance.

Navigating a poultry resistance

The opening of Canada’s first Chick-fil-A, at Yonge and Bloor, will presumably be met with a protest inspired by the chain’s link with charitable support for opposition to same-sex marriage. The restaurant also has a lobbyist working towards “a smooth launch.”

The movie Niagara Falls doesn’t want you to see.” Clifton Hill, the Albert Shin–directed thriller set to debut at TIFF, can only benefit from press about locals who didn’t appreciate its premise. It also co-stars David Cronenberg.

Finally, in search of nordiques

Dave Hill, a deadpan raconteur from Cleveland, has explored his quarter-Canadian roots for a book, Parking the Moose. Its publication is preceded by a podcast, for which Malcolm Gladwell reciprocates for Hill helping him to grasp the ways of Norwegian black metal: