We didn’t light it but we tried to fight it

Queen’s Park is pushing some bucks

It took a lot of months for Ontario to decide to provide three paid sick days through a benefit program ending in September. Meanwhile, as the province takes more stock of the effects of the pandemic, the auditor general’s noting of problems in long-term care were met with cabinet minister Merrilee Fullerton saying, “We didn’t start the fire.”

This curtain has fallen hard

The journey of a movie that used the Rob Ford crack video scandal as a backdrop for bemoaning the millennial media experience ended with mostly bad reviews upon its ill-timed opening. A coda has come for Run This Town with the revelation that it was the focus a $10-million lawsuit that was recently settled in mediation with Ontario’s premier.

The defence minister is launching a review into sexual misconduct in the military. Harjit Sajjan announced the plan after Justin Trudeau claimed that, until a report in Feburary, his office didn’t know the 2018 allegations against then–chief general Jonathan Vance related to inappropriate behaviour with two female subordinates.

Acting against an act’s act

The act to amend the Broadcasting Act has become bigger news due to a proposed amendment to give Canada the most regulated internet in the free world. Critics see it as the Liberal criticism of Big Tech amounting to a front for plans to give censorship rights to the government:

Coney Hatch made an actual live album in these times. A vinyl version of an October 3 concert at the El Mocambo is a reminder of the autumn interlude when socially distant indoor audiences were permitted in Toronto. Andy Curran, the bassist for the revived 1980s rock band, is the general manager of the club whose reopening remains stalled.

Finally, the next picture show

Crimes of the Future is the name of the movie David Cronenberg will shoot in Greece this summer, which ends his period of rumbling about retirement. It will have a title in common with his second feature, from 1970, which had a Brutalist mood, furnished by the Ontario Science Centre, for a story of a plague circa 1997, featuring Brian Linehan: