Walmart is primed to come knock at your door

Brimful of brick-and-mortar ashes

Uber signed an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Cornershop, a grocery delivery service in Latin America that recently expanded to Toronto via Walmart Canada. The retailer previously tried to buy Cornershop for itself, but Mexican anti-trust officials blocked the deal, leading to this different new path for Walmart vs. Amazon.

Struggling to stare him down

Abdul Abdi, the Conservative candidate in Ottawa West-Nepean, was deployed by the party in an effort to keep a Liberal blackface defender and Liberal distasteful tweeter in the news. The new Liberal attacks include giving Andrew Scheer a MAGA-style cap.

Jagmeet Singh isn’t gonna talk to “RNN.” Rebel Media won the legal fight to cover the official debates, but the NDP leader refused to answer their questions. Singh used the French-language debate to keep calm about Bill 21 and resist a hardline on pipelines.

The interim newspaper saviours

A decrease in overall advertising means third-party election ads appear more prominent, even if they’re nothing new. And being able to buy the front page of the National Post gave the Canada Growth Council more mileage:

Leslie Roberts came out as gay to viewers in Ottawa. The news anchor, who exited Global Toronto after a conflict-of-interest exposé, now hosts CTV Morning Live in the nation’s capital. Roberts’ public announcement was timed with National Coming Out Day.

The spirit of crayon drawings

With less notice being paid nowadays to DJs on 102.1 the Edge, its affiliated television network reports that it’s still a coveted job:

Rupert Murdoch’s son now owns a small slice of Vice Media. The reported deal, which values the company at $4 billion, is a sign of faith from board member James Murdoch after Vice bought Refinery29. (This could also be life imitating Succession.)

Finally, a subversive validation

Robin Hatch, the Toronto ambient musician with a new album, knows exactly which man holds the only keys to Canadian late-night TV: