Waiting for another election scandal to drop

It seems like it’s all that we’ve got

The appetite for new Justin Trudeau revelations stoked a weekend of anticipation over a potential story about why he left his teaching job at West Point Grey Academy in mid-semester. But its former headmaster stated that Trudeau left on pleasant terms.

A sorry Liberal in Nova Scotia

Jaime Battiste is the latest candidate to have social media history come back to haunt him, but the Liberals are still backing his run in a Cape Breton riding, after Battiste apologized. Meanwhile, the Conservatives dropped Burnaby, B.C., candidate Heather Leung over homophobic comments, but she’s still campaigning as an independent.

Media outlets blocked from debate will get their appeal heard. Rebel News and True North were told that their correspondents aren’t welcome at the federal leader face-off, on the grounds that they are political advocates rather than journalists. Claims filed by the outlets to let them in will be considered in court four hours before.

The face of newspaper futures

Two months after Canadaland probed how Postmedia was doubling down on a right-wing political slant, its CEO, Andrew MacLeod, lashed back at such coverage of the plans:

National Newspaper Week is back hunting for hashtags. Claims of arming society against fake news remain useful for the lobby that’s hoping a bailout plan remains intact. CBC is curiously on board with support for publishers that its website competes with.

Nickelback bask in Resistance

Sales and streams of “Photograph” leaped after the song appeared in a Donald Trump tweet. Nickelback may not have requested its deletion—but the band can still be heroes:

Royal Canadian Air Farce have been cancelled. CBC Television is giving the troupe one last New Year’s Eve, but it’ll be broadcast the night before. The special will be shot with a decreased budget and without a studio audience, ending a 46-year relationship.

Finally, an artistic burial ground

Nuit Blanche Toronto still draws enthusiasm amidst decreased discourse about the annual event, which shifted focus after Scotiabank dropped its sponsorship. But a lament of a disappearing downtown art scene stood out amongst the snapshots, as the “Eulogy for the Coffin Factory” marked the death of a creative loft space now destined for condos: