Waiting for a place in our planet’s long line

The agitations around a vaccination

Moderna chairman Noubar Afeyan assured Canada that it won’t wait forever for its vaccine, on the eve of submitting it for regulatory approval in the U.S. and Europe. Erin O’Toole blames a collapsed collaboration with China on a slower roll from Justin Trudeau, whose staff prematurely hitting send also exposed their tensions.

The higher price of partying

A house party at an Airbnb rental in Mississauga resulted in $47,000 worth of fines among young revellers. Younger still are the attendees of a party rumoured to have stoked a COVID-19 outbreak at Swansea Public School in Toronto.

Is the deck stacked against Tim Hortons card collectors? The question asked by the Toronto Star was sparked by one dad’s complaint that the valuable inserts weren’t appearing in hockey packs at a rate that matched the promised odds. Suspicions point to in-store weighing of the unwrapped cards helping reseller cheaters find riches.

SkyDome drama took a turn

Word of the impending demolition of the Rogers Centre was doused somewhat by its owner stating the pandemic put those plans on hold. The discussion coincided with a different ending on the Toronto Blue Jays front, as Mike Wilner confirmed he lost his dream job doing radio for the team, four minutes after the official Sportsnet tweet:

I’m a broccoli eater, I’m a health nut. It’s hot inside there! Paul Anka provided entertaining exit interviews after being revealed as a green stalk on The Masked Singer. He credits a broccoli-headed existence with helping him stick around long enough to go from having his own NFB documentary in 1962 to a TikTok in 2020.

Finally, trapped in a hype house

Nathan Fielder ended Nathan for You with a cinematic finale three years ago, but his sensibilities were furthered in his executive production of another show, How To with John Wilson. A low-key six-episode run on HBO was capped with a video with Fiedler stepping in to house four dancing teenage guys in pursuit of fresh fortunes on TikTok: