“VOTE ANDREW SCHEER” with a hit of spit

It’s now a case study in… something?

Talya Davidson was charged with assault after this incident, on top of three more counts for allegedly assaulting police officers. So far, any guesses about what inspired her display have to grapple with Davidson’s online trail of what looks like contradictory political views.

Life after getting yelled at

Attempts to shame a woman who identified herself as a cancer survivor in a video with Andrew Scheer are still stinging Adina Katz, an actress who was falsely accused by conspiracy-minded Twitter users of playing the role. Katz feels that the apologies she received from partisan Liberal tweeters ring hollow.

The Inside Story of Postmedia’s Right Turn.” Canadaland details apparent efforts to centrally organize a rightward slant for political coverage across the newspaper chain. Meanwhile, debt restructuring gives Postmedia four more years to grow digital revenue.

Doug Ford is shading Sidewalk

Expanded ambitions for the Sidewalk Toronto site have found an opponent in the premier, who believes that Sidewalk should be held to its originally modest proposal:

Student Choice Initiative is about to face reality. Ontario’s new rules allowing post-secondary students to opt out of certain “non-essential” campus-life fees are coming into force for this academic year. That means the campaigns to retain those fees have begun—including at campus media outlets.

Finally, a weighty new tattoo

Drake has now scored 35 Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, which is one more than the Beatles ever got—although the methodology has changed. Nonetheless, he marked 50 years since the crossing of Abbey Road by waving goodbye to them on his new ink: