Variety store life getting revived by Doug Ford

Can’t stop the suds-seeking selfies

NDP MPP Gilles Bisson compared the Ontario PC caucus lobbying for beer and wine sales in convenience stores on social media to the Nazi propaganda campaigns of Joseph Goebbels.

The same old phone, who dis?

Ontario’s education minister took aim at proposed iPhone XS purchases that the TDSB clarified were cancelled to save money. Meanwhile, the school board has a new dress code for students that’ll basically let them wear whatever they want in the classroom.

I am sure you understand the influence of alcohol.” Tristan Warkentin, the Ottawa salesman who lobbed a live CP24 vulgarity at Steph Curry’s wife, Ayesha, after the Raptors lost to the Warriors, was found by Joe Warmington—who fielded an apology.

Klaw rights claimed by Kawhi

The hand logo that Raptors forward Kawhi Leonard says he designed is the subject of a lawsuit after a copyright was filed by Nike, who he recently ditched in favour of New Balance:

Christchurch manifesto quote puts heat on Conservative MP. Michael Cooper cited the mosque shooter while trying to make a point at hearings about online hate. As a result, Cooper was yanked off the committee, which has brought on more scrutiny of its agenda.

Dreaming of a post-party politics

Jody Wilson-Raybould is polling likely to beat the Liberals in her Vancouver Granville riding. She did a Oppo podcast interview alongside Jane Philpott to explain their shared ambition:

Tracy Curley dead at 46. The longtime cannabis activist was frequently quoted for her medicinal marijuana advocacy, and even casting herself as a superhero: Weed Woman.

Finally, waiting for this moment to arise

Paul McCartney was on stage in Lexington, Kentucky—50 years to the day that John Lennon recorded “Give Peace a Chance” in Montreal—when he praised the version of “Blackbird” sung in Mi’kmaq, by Eskasoni, Nova Scotia high schooler Emma Stevens:

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