Vaccine passports come for planes and trains

If maybe not so much on a city bus

The calendar is filling up with vaccination deadlines wherever authorities can enforce them, which now includes the federal workforce and transportation sectors that are federally regulated. The more local transit systems have been able to enact policies for staff, but checking passenger passports looks too complicated.

Digging on Chesterman Beach

James McRoberts is the husband of the owner of the $18.7 million beachfront house at which Justin Trudeau and his family recently stayed in Tofino, and he happened to be involved in lobbying Ottawa to establish online cannabis sales. The PMO says it was a basic rental, but scrutiny has followed Trudeau’s regretted escape.

Frank Baylis made a $1.75 billion deal for cardiovascular medical devices business. Boston Scientific is buying a part of Baylis Medical, started by his history-making mother, Gloria Baylis. Last year, the former one-term Liberal MP denied that improper lobbying led to a $237 million contract to make ventilators for the pandemic.

Captain Kirk meets Blue Origin

The release of a spoken-word album with celebrity musical assistance turned out to be just one pillar of what William Shatner is doing at age 90. “So Far From the Moon” is a country track about watching the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969, but the Montreal native will get closer on October 12 by riding on Jeff Bezos’s extremely phallic rocket:

Nadia Chaudhri dead at 43. The neuroscientist professor from Concordia University raised awareness about ovarian cancer by tweeting about experiences that came after being initially misdiagnosed. Chaudhri’s social media chronicle began last December, and later detailed how she told her young son that she was dying.

Finally, stars in the pavement

Canada’s Walk of Fame co-founder Peter Soumalias died on October 1, with his legacy reflected on the downtown Toronto sidewalk blocks engraved with inductee names. The number of those will soon reach 200—a context in which Bret “The Hitman” Hart, Keanu Reeves and the four guys who developed insulin manage to co-exist: