Two tweets to sum up where the election’s at

This week in the national discourse

Dual citizen Andrew Scheer says he never tried to hide American ancestry—it just didn’t come up before a Globe and Mail report, and he’s in the process of renouncing that U.S. citizenship. Scheer once questioned how Michaëlle Jean could be governor general as a dual citizen of Canada and France, on a blog that noted his own dubious insurance broker accreditation.

The Bloc going in for the block

Jagmeet Singh seems like a target in this Bloc Québécois appeal to elect MPs who “resemble you,” even if the separatist party won’t say as much. But its new leader, Yves-François Blanchet, now seems to have a potential deciding role in the election.

Brewers are still brewing over a photo-op with Sam Oosterhoff. A tweet showing Ontario Craft Brewer association members with the MPP led to an official apology—after which at least two breweries posted their own condemnations of the meeting.

World’s tallest free-standing cease and desist

Fantasy author James Bow got an email from the Canada Lands Company advising him that the cover of The Night Girl can lead to assumption of a CN Tower endorsement:

Louis C.K. shows get reviewed on memory alone. Journalists watching the disgraced comic at Yuk Yuk’s weren’t allowed to write down the jokes—along with all phones being checked at the door—but conclusions were drawn all the same. Winnipeg is next to experience a ritual cycle of coverage.

A real live wire for a profile

Tricia Romano investigated how Gavin McInnes got this way for Los Angeles. It was inevitably boosted by other journalists arguing such articles shouldn’t be published to begin with:

“The Célinaissance” is now officially on. Once a subject of critical bewilderment, Celine Dion has been officially reappraised as a relevant cultural icon, conveniently timed to her new songs—and a world tour that’s been delayed due to a throat virus.

Finally, a habitually red wedding

The Handmaid’s Tale inspired newlyweds to Photoshop costumed figures from the show into wedding photos taken in front of the show’s “hanging wall” in Cambridge, Ontario. Outraged reaction was exactly what everyone involved was wishing for. The internet abides: