Two more weeks of wondering when it’s over

Ontario oughta be used to it now

Victoria Day weekend will be another of waiting for the stay-at-home order to end in Ontario, with all signs pointing to an extension to June 2. Toronto Public Health is calling on the province to allow outdoor amenities sooner than that, while official city patios are being built. But calls to close Pearson Airport are still going nowhere.

What counts for a street scene

White supremacy further entered the chat, thanks to the federal NDP leader noting “extreme right-wing ideology” among lockdown protesters, underlining what Calgary’s mayor said about white nationalists in the anti-masker crowd. The conclusion was enhanced by a flag with Odin’s cross being flown during a protest in Saskatoon.

Bill C-10 put on hold as MPs seek clarity on whether it violates rights of social media users.” After a couple weeks of whiplash about whether or not the Liberals were looking to control online speech via broadcast regulation, the committee agreed to a judicial review. Steven Guilbeault’s inability to articulate details didn’t help.

Our hardest-working pothead

After a pandemic of headlines for making pottery to serve as smoking accessories and taunting both Ted Cruz and a guy who used dog shampoo, Seth Rogen has tapped into his Vancouver youth for tales in Yearbook. Its promotion has also revealed he’s cancelled James Franco. Podcast company Stitcher has money to further invest in his guffaw:

Neon Dreams figured out how to currently tour by going to South Africa. The pop duo from Halifax became the first international act to perform there during the pandemic, due to popular demand built by a 2019 single, “Life Without Fantasies.” Last fall, Neon Dreams figured out how to play 10 Canadian dates within the Atlantic bubble.

Finally, the view from 70 mm

Graeme Ferguson, a Canadian filmmaker who co-founded Imax, died at age 91—eight weeks after his wife, Phyllis Ferguson. The couple notably collaborated on several giant documentaries about NASA space missions. They first met when he visited her home turf to direct North of Superior, which is found on YouTube in a format that’s inferior: