Tuesday is the new Monday—or is it Wednesday?

Whatever, let’s start the week here

Justin Trudeau asked the Canadian media to avoid using the name of the suspected Nova Scotia shooter who left at least 19 people dead, in favour of focusing on the victims. The original headline wording from the Globe and Mail elicited specific scorn from some prominent people, but its reference to a “passion for policing” was quickly changed.

The plank around some corner

Hopes for the beginning of the end of the COVID-19 lockdown are in the air. But generally promising projections in Ontario warn of worsening in long-term care homes. For now, social distancing bylaws continue to generate stories like a 17-year-old in Ottawa fined over $700 for shooting hoops by himself: one more story for the pandemic’s pile of questionable recreational infractions.

At the movies with social distancing intact. Twilight Drive-In in Aldergrove, B.C., was approved for continued operation, but still posted detailed guidelines for the rare privilege of seeing Trolls World Tour on a big screen. B.C. is also where golf courses are reopening with the blessing of public health officials, who want to keep Albertans away.

A bat joke left a bad taste

Lululemon art director Trevor Fleming used Instagram to share the image of a T-shirt with images of chopsticks and a take-out container with bat wings. A reposting with the hashtag “Lululemon insults China” showed over 200 million views on Chinese social network Weibo before an apology:

Narcity Media wants to be held to a journalistic standard. The clickbait publisher has joined the National NewsMedia Council, which will keep watch on its content. Narcity is a national spin-off of MTL Blog, whose ethics previously brought on plenty of questions—and it continues to be accused of framing stories inaccurately.

Finally, a graveyard of hopes

Anne with an E was formally cancelled five months ago, but fans of the show won’t surrender their campaign calling for its return, which has included posting protestations at every unrelated turn on Twitter. Their tenacity has pushed the CBC to issue a new statement about it: