Tracks of the tears of a sorry premier

It’s another pandemic weekend, folks

The chaotic political history of Ford Nation secured one more chapter with a press conference from a self-isolated Ontario premier choked up about getting things wrong. But the lack of paid sick leave was offset by some companies instituting it on their own. A new Angus Reid poll shows Doug Ford losing the most enthusiasm now.

The circles are staying small

Going outside gets some encouragement from the city of Toronto via announcing the return of physical distancing circles to Trinity Bellwoods Park, which was a destination for a recent anti-lockdown protest. Mississauga mayor Bonnie Crombie is pushing further for the provincial ban on outdoor activities to be lifted beyond the minimum allowed now.

Canada put a 30-day ban on flights from India and Pakistan. After some dithering about how to fight the arrival of the “double mutant” B.1617 variant, Ottawa acted on the concern the Journal de Montréal addressed with prejudice. Meanwhile, as the U.S. border closure gets another month, driving from a U.S. airport still means no quarantine hotel.

Shane Smith’s real estate deal

While reports of “advanced talks” for Vice Media going public through a special purpose acquisition company haven’t advanced further, its cable network has added more of the wrestling content that its target demographic wanted above anything else it offered. Meanwhile, the company’s formerly loud co-founder doubled his money on the estate he bought six years ago:

How DMX Ended Up in a Sum 41 Music Video.” GQ baits a click from millennials who remember the late rapper riding an ATV into a house in “Makes No Difference” around the time he was shooting the film Exit Wounds in Toronto. Sum 41 leader Deryck Whibley has recently been doing interviews to mark the 20 years since the band’s debut album.

Finally, on never-ending replay

The Weeknd single “Blinding Lights” just departed the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 after 57 weeks, during which time it eclipsed Chubby Checker’s “The Twist” as the most statistically popular record ever. It also might’ve altered the space time continuum, as another Weeknd track that’s been around for a year got upsized with Ariana Grande: