Torstar lands in hands that aren’t as Liberal

The price of saving their newspaper

The future of the Toronto Star will lie with the two families paying $52 million to take it private, with a promise of upholding its progressive political positions. But the controllers, Jordan Bitove and Paul Rivett, have a legacy of donations to Conservatives. The incoming vice-chair, however, is former Ontario Liberal premier David Peterson.

The weird world of WeChat

Vancouver outlet theBreaker revealed how a Chinese social media post linked to digital government minister Joyce Murray promoted fundraising for a lawsuit against Global News reporter Sam Cooper for reporting on China’s hoarding of medical supplies. Murray blamed it on a WeChat group member who no longer has access to post on her feed.

It’s gut-wrenching, and reading those reports is the hardest thing I’ve done as premier.” Doug Ford’s comments on the Canadian Armed Forces report on conditions in five long-term care homes sparked discussion set to linger long beyond COVID-19. Meanwhile, emergency orders in Ontario have now been extended to June 9.

Waterloo for Central Park Karen

The fact that Amy Cooper self-identifies as Canadian, and graduated from the University of Waterloo, provided some colour to the story of how she called police on “African American man” Chris Cooper over a dog leash dispute. America’s top “Karen” issued an apologetic statement, but video evidence still cost her a portfolio management job:

Dimarjio Antonio Jenkins dead at 21. A daytime shooting in Toronto’s Entertainment District claimed the life of the rapper known as Houdini. His most recent release was part of a deal between 6ixBuzz and Warner Music Canada. Houdini also collaborated with Bvlly and Fourty4Double0—two other Toronto rappers gunned down in recent months.

Finally, elimination in absentia

Gary Bettman answered fan questions on Instagram after announcing how 24 teams will compete for the Stanley Cup if such a tournament can happen in two cities. But the NHL president said border-crossing quarantines would prevent one hub from being in Canada. This won’t be an issue for one of seven squads out of the running: