Toronto’s biggest fear: a $425 streetcar ride

How much time for another dime?

Some contradicting messages over when exactly Toronto transit riders must tap their Presto cards to avoid hefty fare evasion fines were clarified by the TTC. But the city is still working on the introduction of transfer screens to indicate whether that two-hour transfer window is up. Amidst the confusion, fake-violin-playing buskers run rampant.

Condo life defined by fun fonts

Widespread cringing at the billboard for a condo called JAC—a high-rise development at Jarvis and Carlton—drew attention to its website, where the multi-typographic motif is even more extreme. It’s useful for any given parody about Toronto circa 2020.

Canada is broken—according to 69 per cent of its people. The pollsters DART and Maru/Blue conducted a survey for the National Post that highlighted this not-so-nice number before Ottawa’s deal was drafted with Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs.

Keeping score of COVID-19

Four new positive cases of the coronavirus in Ontario raised the provincial count to 15, which brought the cross-Canada total to 24. Bruce Aylward, the Canadian doctor leading the World Health Organization team trying to fight it, furnished this analogy for the ages:

The NDP calls on the Canadian journalism tax credit to widen. Quebec media companies are mainly saying the current eligibility criteria won’t do enough to keep them in business. It follows the news media industry’s declaration to federal party leaders that new policies are required to sustain it beyond a $600 million bailout.

Goodbye to all of that 🍞📈

The memes about Pete Buttigieg’s past consulting work for Loblaw became stale upon him quitting the U.S. presidential race. But the emojis meant to represent Canadian bread price-fixing were nonetheless immortalized through public protest:

Bill Evanov dead at 77. The head of an eclectic collection of Canadian radio stations, including the Jewel Radio Network, started his chain by taking over a cash-strapped licence in Burlington, Ontario—which eventually became Energy 108.

Finally, formerly known as X

Julien Christian Lutz is the real name of the former MuchMusic intern who directed his own first music videos as “Little X,” but eventually levelled up to “Director X.” But after a long run of credits under a hip-hop handle, he’s dropping all the anonymity: