Toronto Raptors see reality inside a body-cam

Masai Ujiri pushes back at the suit

The counterclaim filed by Masai Ujiri over the on-court confrontation that followed the Toronto Raptors championship win met with reaction from team members who collectively watched the newly released video of the shoving match with an Alameda County sheriff’s deputy. Alan Strickland initially sued Ujiri for initiating aggression.

Pouring over a document dump

Now that more than 5,000 pages regarding the creation and implementation of the Canada Student Service Grant are public, new details emerge about ties between We Charity and the Liberals—and Conservatives claim coverups lie under what’s blacked out. Meanwhile, the latest leaks from Ottawa foreshadow sweeping social welfare reform.

Statement: Six Shooter Company Training and Accountability.” The recording company responded to Danny Kenyon of the Dead South being accused of sexual misconduct and then leaving the Regina folk-bluegrass band. Six Shooter is also “engaged in an ongoing discussion” about a past Dead South song, “Banjo Odyssey.

A different body part concern

Meghan Thee Stallion shared pictures of the foot injury sustained in a shooting before she became a bigger star alongside Cardi B on “WAP.” But despite a concealed weapon charge for Tory Lanez at the Hollywood Hills scene—which led to a petition to deport him back to Canada—the charge of felony assault with a firearm could be coming:

Allan Fotheringham dead at 87. The columnist cut his teeth on the B.C. political scene, but became nationally known through his 27 years on the last page of Maclean’s, plus newspaper appearances that included 14 years with the Toronto Sun. Paul Wells paid tribute to Fotheringham with a piece penned in the whimsical style of “Dr. Foth.”

Finally, a voice down the road

The Littlest Hobo theme lyricist John Crossen was notably memorialized after he died in March 2018: such was the stickiness of Terry Bush singing “Maybe Tomorrow.” The tune had another late-’90s life in the U.K. as a NatWest Bank jingle, which does more to explain how British folk singer Kate Rusby came around to cover it in quarantine: