Toronto Public Library’s brand colonoscopy

The arches are no longer loafing

Fresh typesetting at the Toronto Public Library was heralded with a video and some critical comments about its look. The previous logo was established in 2002, after the megacity amalgamation. (TPL’s identity before that survived on one branch sign until recently.)

Amazon is the real Gilead

The Testaments getting accidentally sent to 800 Amazon customers one week before its publication date is enraging the stores required by Penguin Random House to sign a legal document requiring them to keep Margaret Atwood’s book boxed until Tuesday.

Toronto bookstore closing due to a Bay Street tower overhaul. Ben McNally Books—which opened at 366 Bay in 2007, only to become one of the last such independent stores—hopes to relocate after it gets ejected in favour of an open-air walkway.

Debates can’t all be escaped

Justin Trudeau’s reluctance to appear at three federal leader debates, beyond the two created by a commission, won’t stop one from going on without him. Meanwhile, the PM still has wounds to lick from Hasan Minhaj, plus controversy involving an ousted candidate:

Perhaps the NDP in N.B. hasn’t turned totally Green. New Democrats are disputing reports that 14 of its New Brunswick candidates changed parties. The claim appears to have come from just one defector, who cited Jagmeet Singh’s turban as a main reason.

Ontario ruled by an evil clown

Travellers to TIFF are being greeted at the airport with signs from the Directors Guild of Canada, suggesting that they hire local talent, too. The festival is also providing a window for the Motion Picture Association to tout figures:

David Lewis Stein dead at 82. The Toronto Star’s former municipal affairs columnist was also a novelist and playwright who taught at U of T after his retirement from the newspaper. Stein started his career at Maclean’s, covering topics like Canadian Beatlemaniacs.

Finally, answers to everything

Alex Trebek recently sold his lakefront vacation home in California, but he’s back to work at Jeopardy, having completed his chemotherapy for Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. So, it’s a good time for a website on which Trebek’s voice serves encouraging words: