Toronto is getting its patience tested

Patios now forced to taste December

The latest list of COVID-19 restrictions are regretted by John Tory, but Toronto’s mayor backed the recommendation of stricter measures. That means no indoor dining until at least December 12, on top of the other measures in the red zone defined by Ontario.

Scenes from a post-office life

A plan to optimize and modernize city of Toronto office space was initiated before the pandemic: the survey results now show an overwhelming desire to work from home for at least part of each week. The overall trend stands to have long-term impacts on the viability of underground retailers, although it may also make prioritizing transit easier.

It was like walking on eggshells every single day.” Yasmin Ratansi’s former staffers detailed the Toronto MP’s allegedly abusive workplace behaviour, following the initial CBC News story about how she broke the rules by keeping her sister on the payroll. Justin Trudeau is “deeply disappointed” by his now-former Liberal caucus member.

The sideshow of a shooting

The next Hollywood feature being filmed in Toronto is 1UP—the first BuzzFeed Studios production stars Ellen Page as the coach of an all-woman esports team. But its director, Kyle Newman, is currently getting more attention due to an elaborate custody battle with model-turned-actress Jaime King:

NBC signed up another socialized medicine drama. Nurses was already the name of a sitcom the network once aired, but Global TV’s procedural show will soon be added to NBC’s primetime. CTV was able to boast of Transplant becoming the most-watched scripted series on U.S. broadcast networks while other season premieres were delayed.

Finally, too cool for hot stoves

Alex Trebek acting peevish while shooting promos for “Phone Jeopardy” and making a cameo on Cheers were among the classic clips circulating after his death. And the tale of how Trebek almost became host of Hockey Night in Canada in 1971 but was rejected due to his moustache answers the question of how he ended up in Hollywood: