Toronto is done with harbouring Henry

Dundas freed from any association

A petition appeared last year calling for the renaming of everything in Toronto named for British slavery abolition delayer Henry Dundas, and now city council has voted in favour of aiming to make that happen next April. Dundas remains on landmarks and monuments but ceased to officially exist as a community name upon an amalgamation.

Stepping down from new hope

The pandemic now has a November event casualty in Toronto as the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair will lay low for the second consecutive year. Previously, it hoped to return in tandem with the Canadian National Exhibition, which was paused until August 2022. All this caution contrasts with the Calgary Stampede currently in full swing.

Vaccination proof becoming standard at Toronto strip clubs. Zanzibar Tavern will join Filmores in asking for evidence of inoculation from patrons. Meanwhile, a tweet from GoodLife Fitness indicating vaccinations aren’t required for patrons or staff at locations reopening across Ontario roused a backlash from members.

Aline Dieu is the highest camp

“This film is inspired by the life of Celine Dion,” reads the opening title card disclaimer of Aline. “It is, however, a work of fiction.” Nonetheless, the reviews from its Cannes Film Festival debut indicate nothing particularly unfaithful about the two-hour telling, save for the fact that 57-year-old auteur Valérie Lemercier plays the title character through every age of her fame:

Eric Bauza breaks out all the cartoon voices for his six-minute junket interviews. While the Scarborough native became known as the latest actor behind Bugs Bunny, he does five other parts in Space Jam: A New Legacy, where the big-screen Bugs is handled by Mel Blanc’s original voice replacement, Jeff Bergman.

Finally, an edit quickly regretted