Time to get this Meltdown May out of the way

The last newsletter before June

China branded Canada an accomplice of the U.S. after a Vancouver court ruled that Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou’s extradition hearing must continue, overruling what looked like her victory photoshoot. Justin Trudeau previously took a swipe at Beijing for linking Meng’s case to the continued detainment of the two Michaels.

Breaking up the social scene

The city of Toronto is paying a cost of about $12 each for circles drawn 10 feet apart as it strives to eliminate crowding at Trinity Bellwoods Park, home of the pandemic’s most viral kiss. Meanwhile, data breaking down COVID-19 cases by neighbourhood adds some perspective, although Ontario is resisting being specific about hot spots.

The mysterious case of the missing Cool Ranch Doritos.” Pandemic shortages probed by Jake Edmiston of the Financial Post include how PepsiCo Foods Canada had to limit tortilla chip production to the three most popular flavours: Nacho Cheese, Sweet Chilli Heat and Zesty Cheese. But there are official signs of Cool Ranch coming back.

Shooting at the post-Torstar

David Peterson, the former Ontario Liberal premier slated to become vice-chair of the Toronto Star, is quoted in that very newspaper to provide assurances that its editorial positions won’t change under ownership frontmen who backed Conservatives. But those statements won’t stop others from wondering about them:

Quibi can now be casted to a bigger screen. AirPlay support has been added to the short-video service, with Chromecast to come. But Canadian partner Bell Media likely hopes for more out of its deal with HBO Max. At this rate, it seems that nothing better will come from Quibi than the Art in America review of its “tepid Hollywood moralizing.”

Finally, a clean-sweeping tween

Devin Lavallee, a Thunder Bay kid who loves vacuuming so much that it was the theme of his sixth birthday party, wrote a fan letter to Dyson to ward off boredom under quarantine. In response, the company sent him a free V7. While it wasn’t the newer model that Devin dreams of using, we’ve all got to practice more patience nowadays: