Tim Hortons accused of abandoning its base

A betrayal of Canada’s working folk

The left-wing National Observer pushed this paywalled piece of populism, leaking news of espresso machines and single-origin beans in a Tim Hortons store that’s opening beneath the company’s new Bay Street HQ.

Arcade Fire is now truly Cancon

Very Honored to finally be a Canadian Citizen 🇨🇦 I’ve lived in Montreal for half my life, so it feels very natural to have both passports now ! Had to wear the Canadian Tuxedo, and yes Mounties are real.
July 9, 2019

Win Butler just became a Canadian citizen, nearly 15 years after his Arcade Fire landed on the cover of Time for making waves via Montreal. Immigration minister Ahmed Hussen turned up for the ceremony, where Butler took the Oath of Citizenship with 39 others.

Beijing should avoid ‘punishing’ Canada over Huawei case, cautions Ottawa’s ex-ambassador to China.” This story from the South China Morning Post has John McCallum, who was fired in January, saying that further export curbs will help elect the Conservatives.

Crosswalk clash rocks the 'shwa

Rainbow crosswalks mainly make news when they’re vandalized, but Oshawa has a different story: debates over painting one yielded to fights over how visible it needs to be:

Weed-themed music festival joins cancellation pile. Journey was scheduled for Boyd Conservation Park, and attendees were invited to bring their own weed—until a bylaw was passed in Vaughan that lets the city regulate smoking within its boundaries.

Finally, a drawn milkshake duck

Michael de Adder feels like his 15 minutes are up after attention to his anti-Trump cartooning. Getting cut by Brunswick News led to additional ink in the Toronto Star, where his week of fill-in work started with a panel that de Adder says he drew under distraction: