TikTok’s time in Canada isn’t ticking yet

While teens fear for Howie Mandel

Politicians have a variety of opinions on whether Canada should cut off TikTok if its ownership remains attached to China. But this country also now stands alone among Five Eyes allies in not blocking Huawei. TikTok is actively used by Jagmeet Singh and his Ontario NDP MPP brother Gurratan, but also Ontario PC MPP Goldie Ghamari.

Maggie T.’s scandalous return

A memo obtained by the National Post has We Charity co-founder Marc Kielburger stating Justin Trudeau invited them to host a 2017 Canada Day event featuring his mother, with $1.18 million in government funding. The parties involved didn’t respond to inquiries about whether it was one of the 28 speeches Margaret Trudeau was paid to do for We.

The wife of Quebec’s premier addresses a wave of accusations. Isabelle Brais posted to Instagram about how “knights, princes and gentlemen” should challenge “deviant brothers” who “stain your reputation and put you into their boat of shit.” Her husband, François Legault, praised women recently, speaking about celebrity sexual misconduct.

Running numbers on leadership

CBC union members are demanding action on systemic racism in an open letter whose signatories are being kept private, though it’s been shared publicly by some of them. Meanwhile, the public broadcaster put its lens on those who call the shots about sports in Canada, finding little diversity despite policies promising to address it:

Roger Petersen will no longer see you on City. Viewers of Breakfast Television Toronto were told that its co-host is no longer working there, a fact Petersen echoed with gratitude. The longtime Citytv news anchor moved to mornings after 27-year BT veteran Kevin Frankish announced his departure.

Finally, a gloved conspiracy

Howie Mandel discovered what it’s like to be a 64-year-old on TikTok when his video poking fun at quarantine crafts by making his own “shoe bag” prompted reactions about how he seemed to be speaking in code about being held captive. The former Toronto carpet salesman let BuzzFeed News know he actually appreciated the concern: