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Well, at least not for the time being

A recommendation that every media company register with a government agency, which would regulate its content, sounded fine to the federal heritage minister based on his interview with CTV’s Question Period. But after fielding a backlash for suggesting that domain include journalism, Steven Guilbeault ended up walking that comment back.

Five more months of memes

Conservative leadership candidates will be depositing digital detritus until the June 27 vote, for which Peter MacKay was first to submit the $300,000 entry fee. As for what to debate, aspiring leader Marilyn Gladu is pushing Canzuk—an economic alliance with Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K.—which Erin O’Toole has also backed in the past.

“Vaughan Working Families” leave a trail of anti-teacher-union mystery. Full-page ads in the Globe and Mail, National Post and Toronto Star took the Ontario government’s side on the education labour dispute, yet nobody seems to know who paid for the ink. However, the mom in one version of the ad is a stock-photo model who lives in Poland.

Some lives end in ghost hotels

The shooting deaths of three young men at a downtown Toronto condo building, which began in a unit rented on Airbnb, revived calls for action regarding short-term rentals that appear to circumvent local bylaws. While it was unknown whether the unit in question was someone’s principal residence, the incident was another part of a pattern:

Coronavirus blame brings support to bruised businesses. Among the Toronto stores citing a drop in business due to racist rumours was an Upper Beach–area flower shop. Supportive neighbours gave it a boost, after one of the owners experienced a real-life rant. Meanwhile, the Instagram account @6ixbuzztv was blamed by Wuhan Noodle in Markham for scaring customers away.

Sussexit signs pointing east

Real estate gossip blog The Mash noticed that 30 Rosedale Road, listed at $15 million, was recently sold after at least a couple unsuccessful tries and a price drop—which led to wondering if the buyers were Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. More quickly denied was a New York Post report about Jessica Mulroney giving Markle a new gig:

Torstar is detaching itself from entertainment journalists on staff. Social media posts about changes at the Toronto Star revealed that film critic Peter Howell has taken a buyout, as remaining arts coverage further shifts to freelancers, wire copy and U.S. syndicates. Meanwhile, the publisher’s Hamilton building sold for $25.5 million.

Finally, it’s just another night

Rae Dawn Chong, the Edmonton-born daughter of Tommy Chong, appeared on a Hollywood Reporter podcast to discuss her role in the 1986 movie Commando. But the discussion diverted to her claiming that she was seduced at age 15 by Mick Jagger. The admission led Chong to clarify that she didn’t think the experience was a bad thing: