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October is coming round the corner

Canadian angles on the American election are being bolstered by the Toronto Raptors, but Democrats Abroad see Michiganders in southwestern Ontario as more pivotal to their cause. Meanwhile, a deal for the U.S. to use its software to monitor immigration and customs chatter was pulled by Vancouver company Hootsuite after internal backlash.

How Green are these conflicts

Montreal lawyer Meryam Haddad was briefly expelled from the race to lead the federal Greens after tweeting an endorsement of the fledgling B.C. Ecosocialists party, but the expulsion was overturned. Hadddad had also drawn attention to former B.C. Green leader Stuart Parker’s view on critics of J.K. Rowling—then he resigned as Ecosocalist leader.

The throne speech gave newspapers more hope of being paid to post. Firm words about plans to get Silicon Valley to support Canadian content manage to bring on even more confusion about how this would integrate with social media. In the meantime, China evidently remains eager to pay to get its positive press printed wherever it can.

Seeking a new Schitt’s Creek

With more American airtime arranged for reruns of the Emmy-sweeping sitcom, Canadian producers are hopeful their pitches will be heeded by Hollywood. One such signal was CBS All Access announcing its deal to stream For Heaven’s Sake, a partnership with CBC for a show about comedically trying to solve a 1934 cold case:

How the fuck you get shot in your foot, don’t hit no bones or tendons? Tory Lanez is refuting accusations that he injured Megan Thee Stallion throughout his surprise album release. Daystar, which is the real first name of the Canadian rapper, is primarily a collection of denials that he harmed her just before being arrested on a gun charge.

Finally, a rise above the dive

Sneaky Dee’s became a flashpoint for fears of the post-pandemic gentrification of downtown Toronto, based on its deep rite-of-passage history—even if the proposed replacement might be a long way from going through. Nonetheless, the rendering of a 13-storey condo building has arrived, with proposed space for a music venue within: