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The folks spotted on the BloomCam breaking into High Park include Toronto’s newest viral celebrity, who John Tory thinks should be nominated for a Darwin Award. While a bragging post to his Instagram account was short lived, the livestream of the Sakura trees captured it all, so any charges and fines may draw wide enthusiasm this time.

Respect for these taxpayers

Norfolk County Mayor Kristal Chopp asked for photos of “mayhem” on a nice day in Port Dover, but Doug Ford countered that the region can’t honestly prohibit cottagers who own their property. The premier’s hint of good news along these lines in time for Victoria Day came with his promise of a “heart-to-heart” with certain mayors.

Quebec has a vision for coronavirus classroom life. The only province looking to welcome young kids back to socially distant classrooms in May faces an increased air of skepticism, including from Justin Trudeau. But the federal approach to COVID-19 is considered a success compared to the U.S., despite louder debates over reopening.

Reactions to actions at Amazon

Vancouver-based Tim Bray wrote a blog post about resigning as Canadian vice-president of Amazon Web Services, in protest of the company firing two members of a climate-action employee group protesting the treatment of warehouse workers. Amazon claims they violated internal policies. Bray quickly received some new job offers:

This Anti-Abortion Influencer Is Using ‘Magical Birth Canal’ Videos to Supercharge the Movement.Vice News profiled Laura Klassen, whose Toronto-based organization, Choice42, accrued social media attention in her pink wig. Nowadays, that also means being on TikTok.

Pulitzer comes for watercolour

While born in Montreal and schooled in Toronto at OCAD University, Barry Blitt’s style came to define political cartoons at The New Yorker. Donald Trump seemed to be the spark for obtaining the highest recognition:

Kicking at the current darkness with Drake. Dark Lane Demo Tapes, a 14-track upload from Toronto’s biggest quarantining celebrity, seems easily appraised as a calculated pandemic statement. Promoting it also got the rapper reflecting on fatherhood.

Finally, the spawn of Grimes

X Æ A-12 Musk may not be the actual name (which would perhaps be pronounced “X Ash Archangel”) of the son newly born to native Vancouver musician Claire Boucher and Queen’s University alumnus Elon Musk. But then, you never know with these people: