This newsletter is filled with illegal things

From weed dealing to backyard BBQ

CAFE, the unlicensed Toronto cannabis chain, had cement blocks put up by police at three locations. At one of those locations, the slabs trapped a man inside after he re-entered the building following a raid. The drama has sparked more curiosity about who’s financing these stores.

A peek at criminal tastes

York Regional Police made a good show of Project Sindicado, which involved probing the proceeds from video gaming machines in Vaughan. Some alleged members of the Figliomeni crime family had their tastes in jewelry, cars and whisky put on display.

Toronto’s most exciting new BBQ outpost also happens to be illegal.” Post City writer Jon Sufrin knocked on the door of “Alex G.,” the west-end man who has been actively selling smoked ribs made in his backyard, and got a good story out of it.

Doug Ford’s latest radio rage

The premier is facing opposition condemnation for his choice of words to describe the killer mental health detainee who boarded an international flight without supervision:

Sorry, but this week can’t end without more Chair Girl. While his client Marcella Zoia is in Miami, for what he described as “a promotional shoot for a hotel chain,” lawyer Greg Leslie got her court date for alleged chair-tossing put off to August 29.

Finally, goodbye 99 Blue Jays Way

Wayne Gretzky’s, the Toronto eatery that opened in 1993, will soon be demolished to make way for a 40-storey condo development. While the adjacent Second City is seeking a new location, there are no present plans to resurrect the sports bar decorated with 99s: