This is not a library that’s run like Twitter

But some are wishing that it was

Gender Identity: What Does it Mean for Society, the Law, and Women?,” a talk for which a room was booked at the Palmerston branch of the Toronto Public Library, has brought on petitions due to views of the speaker: Twitter-banned activist Meghan Murphy. But city librarian Vickery Bowles is seeing no reason to cancel the rental.

All rise for cheesy campaigns

“Punjabi poutine” proved a Canadian Thanksgiving hit for Jagmeet Singh, who also showed the NDP campaign plane off to his parents—and he’s winning a burger poll. What’s a Justin Trudeau to do? Well, the PM joked that a crying baby at a campaign stop was just jealous of his lustrous eyebrows.

Facebook Canada doesn’t seek to delete fake campaign news. Disinformation from the Buffalo Chronicle concerning Justin Trudeau isn’t blocked by the platform because it doesn’t violate community standards. The fake-news website has been around for a while, but sharing of it appeared to peak with claims about a suppressed sex scandal.

Trudeau aligns with Doug Ford

The federal Liberals effectively informed the Toronto Star that Queen’s Park is on the right track with plans for the Ontario Line. The party is now promising billions toward a transit route that its loudest mouth in downtown Toronto recently derided as bunk:

PETA alleges that one complaint killed its advertising against Canada Goose. Calls for a parka boycott lasted about a day on Toronto bus shelters before Astral Media removed the posters. PETA sued on the grounds that that Astral lied about the reasons for doing so, and presented evidence that a disgruntled Canada Goose ad agency demanded them down.

Resisting new secret policemen

There’s a looming Halloween deadline for the Sidewalk Toronto plan for Quayside to swim or sink. Skepticism may be reflected in declining job openings related to the project. Regardless, an end-run rally against the project is underway from Amnesty:

JBP documentary keeps on getting cancelled. Patricia Marcoccia, the director who started filming The Rise of Jordan Peterson before his fame, is gaining unprecedented publicity for a Canadian documentary due to cancelled screenings and a threat at a church in Portland. (The movie gets its next Toronto event at the Kingsway.)

Finally, a face on the fringes

Orville Peck, the terminally masked country crooner, has generally gotten the Canadian media to abide by his request for pseudonymity. But the New York Times wasn’t having it: Peck’s publicist confirmed an identity that had already been exposed. Daniel Pitout still stuck with the enigmatic alter ego while going to the Austin City Limits: