This anti-vaxxer no longer has 22 Minutes

And she brought Mrs. Enid with her

Nowhere to be found on the Twitter account of This Hour Has 22 Minutes are jokes about Cathy Jones dressed as her Mrs. Enid character at a protest in Halifax. But the appearance drew more attention to rumours that her views on masking and vaccines played a role in ending her stint with the show after 28 years, which Jones denied.

Now wait for the writ to drop

Canada’s new governor general was sworn in at a ceremony that acknowledged Mary Simon being bilingual in English and Inuktitut, while also having to pare back pomp due to COVID-19. The attention will move to how soon she’ll be asked to activate a federal election. Liberal candidates have been advised to find campaign offices.

Pickup trucks are a plague on Canadian streets.” Globe and Mail columnist Marcus Gee’s perspective brought on a ratio of response from the types who made Ford’s F-150 the biggest seller in Canada. “Maybe Toronto columnists should try getting around this province during a prairie blizzard in a Smart Car,” added Alberta’s premier.

A great Canadian smoke-out

Cannabis stores put up for sale across Canada look like enough of a trend to raise skepticism whenever a new one opens—especially in Toronto, which now has some neighbourhoods seemingly dominated by them. The contrast with concurrent retail closures might be greater in relatively affluent environments like Avenue Road:

Peter Trueman dead at 86. “That’s not news, but that, too, is reality,” was the legendary sign-off for the Global News anchor from 1974 to 1988. He then shifted into lower-key projects in semi-retirement, including media criticism for the Toronto Star TV guide and hosting a weekly radio show on a tiny station on Ontario’s Amherst Island.

Finally, a retro exile in Exeter

The Exchange is an upcoming feature film written by Tim Long, a longtime writer for The Simpsons who named a character after himself in a script inspired by his own family hosting an exchange student when he was a teen in Exeter, Ontario. Borat co-writer Dan Mazer directed the effort of making Ottawa look like the clock was turned back to 1986: