They’re playing with time in B.C. and Quebec

No wonder the ex-Expos finally won

Clock stock photos were put to good use in coverage of B.C. taking the first step to stop time from falling back each November. Daylight Saving would become the provincial standard under the proposed plan, despite arguments to stick to Standard Time.

Trick-or-treat faces defeat

Montreal officially postponed Halloween activities to Friday due to stormy weather, but some neighbouring municipalities are standing firm—and Toronto won’t budge. A permanent shift to Saturday nights was already being pushed by costume marketers.

Les Expos legacy won the World Series 25 years too late. Washington Nationals scored the first MLB championship for the franchise, which was transplanted to D.C. a decade after the 1994 baseball strike put a sudden stop to what might’ve been for Montreal.

Can’t stop the overthrow talk

Andrew Scheer’s failure to become PM “was like having a breakaway on an open net and missing the net,” said former Conservative cabinet minister Peter MacKay. But the reports of his quip at a Washington, D.C., event was followed with this midnight tweet:

Elizabeth May is mulling a run for Speaker of the House. The Green leader thinks her “less partisan” stance would make her ideal. Meanwhile, her party booster Pamela Anderson is asking Justin Trudeau to serve prisoners vegan meals to save tax dollars.

Daisy days and Daisy nights

Warren Kinsella’s consulting style is back in the news with a Globe and Mail report about how his firm provided strategic advice to the Ontario PC health ministry—and also provided free media training to an autistic self-advocacy group fighting its cuts:

Bernard Slade dead at 89. The creator of The Partridge Family shifted from sitcom to stage with Same Time, Next Year and Tribute—plays that were made into movies. Born in St. Catharines, Ontario, he was profiled by Maclean’s in 1975, amidst the transition.

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Finally, a rewriting of Alphabet

Sidewalk Labs got unanimous approval from Waterfront Toronto to move negotiations for a revised Quayside smart-city plan to the next stage. Just before the vote was a peek at what Sidewalk wondered what it might do: