The week pandemic protest became a big show

Lockdowns are the last monoculture

Goldie Ghamari quoted a TikTok ditty in her window, as Queen’s Park saw another anti-lockdown rally that led to charges for the organizer, former Ontario PC MPP Randy Hillier. Protest also came to Doug Ford’s house after the third action-packed day at Adamson Barbecue, until owner Adam Skelly was hauled away to spend the night in jail.

Field of post-concrete dreams

Rogers Sports and Media’s own outlets had to reference the scoop from the Globe and Mail, which cited multiple unnamed sources revealing hopes to demolish the building initially known as SkyDome in favour of a smaller stadium and additional residential development. At least the Blue Jays already broke ground on having an alternate home.

Loblaw’s media platform goals now involve something it bought from Torstar. A bigger story lies between the lines of the news publisher selling the digital marketing technology Eyereturn to the retail conglomerate. It seems to involve Galen Weston Jr. aspiring to be Canada’s version of Jeff Bezos, even if he’s eight years behind.

Musk of fake funding news

Narcity Media might have money from Google, but its websites perpetuating a narrative about how Grimes “got over $90,000 in funding” from FACTOR spread wide enough that the organization issued a statement to set the record straight. The factually incorrect outrage that originated on Twitter was still taken as accurate by some:

Luckily, I happened to be dating the greatest woman on the face of the planet at this time.” Matthew Perry is countering a couple decades of tabloid stories forecasting his imminent demise by getting engaged to Molly Hurwitz. The onetime schoolyard sparring partner of Justin Trudeau has recently been trying to unload real estate.

Finally, a floating fanny pack

Dwayne Johnson was using the wrestler name “Rocky Mavia” when he posed as a Sunshine Boy for the Canadian tabloid chain. The photo later became an eternal meme—which has now peaked with NBC using a crowd-free Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to tease its upcoming sitcom, Young Rock: