The war on walking around with a coffee cup

Toronto city hall needs a new cause

Good to know that a halved Toronto council hasn’t cancelled out the political sideshows—even if it was later clarified that Mike Colle wasn’t so emphatic about this epidemic.

Sour poem is washed off Sugar Beach

Toronto poet laureate A.F. Moritz extracted from the legacy of magnate John Redpath to write “The Current of the Sugar.” But then Redpath cancelled his reading of the poem it commissioned, due to what Moritz figures were his references to slavery and exploitation.

Unifor believes it has a role to play in the media bailout game. The union wants it known that it’s just giving advice to gatekeepers who’ll decide where $600 million might go. Meanwhile, a non-media Unifor member made Postmedia news: the Halifax aerospace firm staffer who masturbated in a bathroom stall at work lost an appeal to get his job back.

Kathleen Wynne is getting a last laugh

Mainstreet Research’s poll showing Doug Ford’s favourability is below where the Ontario Liberal ex-leader was last year can only help stoke the contest to permanently replace her:

Pusha T-shirt fails to curse the Raptors. The daughter of the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks trolled Drake while sitting courtside. Toronto’s biggest fan clapped right back on Instagram.

Finally, the TikTok tipping point

The Caleon Twins, actual 22-year-old sisters, are the stars of a Toronto Star article that helps explain how the video app got so big with the kids. Samantha and Madeleine now have 10 times the following on TikTok than on YouTube:

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