The unfinished business of Kim’s Convenience

A premium price put on the sign

The business that became Canada’s most famous variety store was listed for sale at $198,000 just in time for the abrupt series finale of Kim’s Convenience to stream via CBC before the fifth season goes international on Netflix. A couple of the stars will get new sitcom jobs, but big-screen-bound Simu Liu is still angry about the end.

From one anchor to another

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Jake, big fan here. So accept this with the kindness with which it is intended: you’re tweeting out of your ass.…

Jake Tapper @jaketapper

While I have the 🇨🇦 Conservative Party’s attention for criticizing PM Trudeau let me also state that former PM Mulroney’s decision regarding Connaught Labs was a short-sighted disaster

Conservatives saw a political opportunity in highlighting the report on Canada’s vaccine shortage from CNN’s Paula Newton. Its airing on Jake Tapper’s show, The Lead, led him to defend reporting that Justin Trudeau called fake news. The anchor cruised for links to support this view, and suddenly he’s debating Brian Mulroney’s sons about stuff.

I looked like a sheepdog. We literally got some dog clippers. I just sat in the chair and said, ‘Honey, go to town’.” Doug Ford turned up with a haircut he said was done by a daughter who lives at home, nearly five months into Toronto salons ordered shut.

A story about the storeys

The latest New York Times check-in with Frank Gehry includes some bragging about how he got the biggest and tallest buildings of his career toward approval in Toronto nearly a decade after their announcement. He claims that his own area history was a factor: “The city gave us extra height,” he says, “because it was me coming home.”

W. Galen Weston dead at 80. The patriarch of the Loblaw grocery empire was the third generation to head the family businesses, which he gradually handed control of over to a fourth. Galen Sr.’s stint included becoming the second-richest person in Canada. The bakery unit Weston Foods was recently put up for sale to focus on retail and real estate.

Finally, the NBA in lower-case

k.d. lang considered herself semi-retired a couple years ago, having already swapped a Laurel Canyon house for two condos in Portland. But the business of promoting a dance remix compilation took her to a different place: appearing on The Rex Chapman Show to talk about the Trail Blazers, but also how watching basketball relates to her own history as a performer: