The undressed MP who leaked a sequel

Pandemic vortex is getting drained

Canadian politician caught on camera urinating during virtual Parliament session, just weeks after nudity incident,” reads the CNN headline summing up all you need to know about Liberal MP William Amos, aside from how it involved relieving himself into a coffee cup. Amos has stepped aside as a parliamentary secretary while seeking help.

Getting snapped without masks

Canada might be in the home stretch of an embrace being illicit, but for now Jagmeet Singh had to apologize after being caught in a hug with the executive assistant of his Ontario MPP brother, Gurratan. Two weeks earlier, the NDP leader criticized anti-maskers, saying there’s a link between lockdown protests and far-right extremism.

Government advisors think it’s time to ditch the three-day hotel quarantine. The policy for air travellers should’ve already been ditched, according to a panel report—but restrictions are currently in effect until June 21. Meanwhile, even though Ontario’s top doctor wants to see students back to end the year, Doug Ford is still dithering.

A fact-checking checkmate

India vs. Disinformation is the name of a site that describes itself as correcting the record on articles sponsored by China and Pakistan. It originates from Toronto-based Press Monitor, which also boasts of its contracts with the Modi government. And while Indian diplomats are sharing the content, the company claims the editorial is independent:

When a 16-year online feud between two 53-year-old women culminates in one allegedly stabbing another in a courthouse. Their long history of insults included one being “too poor to buy a house” and the other dressing like “old aunt selling bus tickets.” The incident at B.C. Supreme Court raised security concerns.

Finally, the trouble with Toller

Toller Cranston died in 2015 at age 65, leaving a legacy of championship figure skating, starring roles in television variety shows, and a career as a figurative painter. The fact that he left behind an estate worth $6.25 million without a will led to a legal battle between his siblings, two of whom a judge ruled were willfully obstructionist: