The two last unvaccinated MPPs in Ontario

Meet an ultimatum at Queen’s Park

The discovery of two Ontario PC MPPs remaining unvaccinated came after QP Briefing started asking politicians if they’d been jabbed. Now, those members of Doug Ford’s caucus have until Thursday to get their shot or face expulsion from the party—which is itself facing fire for a fundraising mailer that looks like a $300 invoice.

The election is full of sheesh

The post-pandemic economic concerns of women have been mentioned across the political spectrum, but such terms used by the PM during the campaign brought on a certain kind of backlash on social media. A claim of Conservatives using white supremacist coding was also debated, while the Willy Wonka attack tweet was deleted.

The all-girls robotics team from Afghanistan wants to flee to Canada. Justin Trudeau met members of the Afghan Dreamers in Ottawa in 2018, after they travelled to compete in North Bay. American human rights lawyer Kimberley Motley has been making Canadian media rounds on behalf of the teens pleading to escape.

Longing for stuff out of stock

Hudson’s Bay separating brick-and-mortar operations from e-commerce—which is back to just being called The Bay—marked the latest attempt to try and figure out the future of retail, lest every location becomes a WeWork. So, you can’t blame a wave of nostalgia for the era of filling out a form to initiate a search in a store’s back room:

The secret life of 6ixBuzz.” Nichole Jankowski’s story for Toronto Life probes how an Instagram account accrued significant infamy while it struggled to launch its own app and website. The founders tried to remain anonymous when signing a record deal with Warner Music, while a Foot Locker collaboration was yanked due to objections.

Finally, the head with a heart

Drake used the comment section of a fan account on Instagram to explain the stressed state of his heart-shaped haircut: “I had Covid that shit grew in weird I had to start again 😂 it’s coming back don’t diss,” replied the rapper, whose album Certified Lover Boy was recently finished. But old rules of how celebrity scoops get made need not apply: