The Tragically Hip are playing us out of this

Step by step to a society unmasked

The uploading of six unreleased tracks from the Tragically Hip as Saskadelphia provides a prime Canadian culture story timed to the May 2-4 weekend. As part of reviving the business of the band, the tunes draw from 1991 sessions for Road Apples, along with a 2000 live version of a song about the 1989 École Polytechnique massacre, “Montreal.”

The three shades of freedom

Ontario ditched the colour-coded system that cursed a February reopening in favour of one that ties new permission to the acceleration of vaccination, while giving the outdoor recreational amenities a head start. The plan signals June 14 for the first of three stages that can be hit within three weeks.

Movie theatres feel like they’re on the losing end of reopening plans. Drive-ins are remaining off-limits for now in this new Ontario framework, which led Cineplex to point out that indoor Quebec screens have safely done business since February. Alberta also recently banned viewing from a car, but the decision was reversed after an outcry.

It’s still not a target market

Generation X’s relationship with the AstraZeneca vaccine has been extended by the remaining inventory being green-lit for second doses in Ontario. It’s also fed into the discourse over “geriatric millennials” now wandering the generational desert around age 40. But here’s a piece that explains the virtues of being an age beyond the radar:

John Tavares collided with some bloody drama in an empty arena. The first playoff game against the Canadiens found the Maple Leafs captain stretchered off ice and taken to a Toronto hospital after crashing into Montreal defenceman Ben Chiarot. After being discharged the morning after, his team announced Tavares will be out indefinitely.

Finally, a camera-rolling payoff

The Campbell Cloud was evidently started as one YouTube channel among many with designs on monetizing frenetic scenes from real life. But this time, as Whitby, Ontario, couple Troy and Erika Campbell had the dash cam running on their Highway 407 drive to the hospital, they were 10 minutes away when they got a birth video out of the deal: