The time arrives to apologize for everything

It starts with a naked screenshot

Sébastien Lemire confessed to breaching parliamentary rules when he took a screenshot of a clothes-less William Amos during question period. But the Bloc Québécois MP says he doesn’t know how the photo ended up in the hands of Postmedia, which is what led Liberals suggest there was a political motivation.

Crossing the line in Quebec

Le Journal de Montréal deleted this front page from its social media amid condemnation from Quebec politicians over how it blames India for the spread of a COVID-19 variant. While there’s been push back on flight restrictions to Canada, this may be a special case based on the increasing volume of exposures linked to passengers arriving from Delhi.

Doug Ford is sorry for everything his government got wrong. A press conference from his late mother’s lawn had Ontario’s premier tearful about misdirected restrictions, with the implication of legislating paid sick days. The Toronto Star also reported on how Ford was stuck with an outmoded BlackBerry for communications.

The new battles are blooming

Toronto police now have a dedicated enforcement team to respond to issues that arise around large indoor and outdoor gatherings. They promise it won’t involve random stops or forcing anyone to explain why they’re outside. Instead, the authorities have targeted more cherry blossoms:

The process of being Danpilled. An episode of Jesse Hawken’s podcast, Junk Filter, was dedicated to decoding the influence of Steely Dan, which inspired guest Matthew Perpetua to follow it up with a Fluxpod sequel that went even deeper on the tracks. Toronto city councillor Gord Perks was successfully Danpilled by listening.

Finally, it just doesn’t matter

National Canadian Film Day was a stay-at-home event for the second consecutive year, posing the pandemic challenges for the organization Reel Canada. But co-founder Jack Blum had the benefit of playing a role in the 1979 movie Meatballs, and the origins of his character called “Spaz,” were discussed in this online panel discussion: