The third physically distant weekend recap

The third!!! Hang in there, everyone

Justin Trudeau says he’ll stay in self-isolation at his official residence in Ottawa. But his wife’s clean bill of health prompted her relocation with their kids to a cottage in Quebec—a manoeuvre that’s being discouraged in Ontario. Idris Elba, who likely contracted COVID-19 in tandem with Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, is ready for his immunity.

The worst timing for Earth Hour

Based on replies to Justin Trudeau’s tweet, Canada wasn’t in much of a mood to unplug Earth Hour on Saturday night, despite the World Wildlife Fund maintaining its campaign. But hydro companies also stopped promoting energy consumption statistics after the event, after it started trending upwards in those 60 minutes.

Canada’s public health agency corrected its exaggeration about COVID-19 patient demographics. After stating that one-third of those hospitalized were under 40, the data was corrected to 12 per cent. But a statistical dissonance is also reflected in the reported Ontario numbers, while an outbreak most dramatically struck in Bobcaygeon.

The new rules of a pandemic

John Tory escalated the disciplinary rhetoric in a weekend when Toronto’s mayor was hearing of caution tape being removed from playgrounds all over, along with other violations of physical distancing guidelines. Meanwhile, new penalties were enacted across Ontario, to try and prevent $29.99 Lysol wipes from appearing anywhere again:

Newspapers aren’t feeling a claim of love from Ottawa. Winnipeg Free Press publisher Bob Cox blasted claims that a $30-million public health campaign will benefit media, while they wait on other bailout promises.

Honest signs of coronavirus

Storefront signs signalling a temporary closure are currently being compiled for a digital project: Due to COVID-19… aspires to collect them all. One proliferating poster has earned notice for being styled as an homage to Honest Ed’s legendary painted signs:

Elon Musk unfollowed Grimes on Twitter. The detected activity, albeit not the first time, brought on speculation about whether the pregnant Canadian musician parted ways with her Tesla flame. And, in other secretive celebrity offspring, Drake ended 30 months of being elusive about his son, Adonis, by showing off his existence on Instagram.

Finally, as these days go by

Barenaked Ladies did something that’s bound to be imitated: “Lovers in a Dangerous Time” in four screens, with none of the obvious post-production of housebound Backstreet Boys. And it comes with the choreography of the drummer’s daughters: