The talk before the talk on gender identity

Politician opts not to fight policies

While the Toronto Public Library board listened to concerns over Meghan Murphy’s speech, booked for October 29 at the Palmerston branch, city librarian Vickery Bowles stuck to her decision to allow the event. Mayor John Tory has condemned the TPL for not cancelling Murphy, but councillor Gord Perks arrived at a more realistic view.

Waxing off a tribunal complaint

The transgender woman who complained to B.C.’s Human Rights Tribunal over being refused service from salons that refused to wax male genitalia was ordered to pay $2,000 to each of three estheticians upon the dismissal of the case. Jessica Yaniv’s motivations were ruled as racially motivated and “divorced from reality and reason.”

Maxime Bernier event protest results in three arrests. Hamilton police laid charges related to a confrontation with an 81-year-old woman who came to see the now-defeated People’s Party leader speak at Mohawk College. One of those charged is Alaa Al-Soufi, whose family’s restaurant closed and reopened in the aftermath of the clash.

#Wexit is set in our lexicon

The term for Western Canada’s hypothetical separation from the rest of the country is now a thing. It even appeared in Adam Gopnik’s post-election meditations at the New Yorker. “Wexit” will also surely be making incessant appearances at this revived outlet:

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Presto problems plaguing payment passage. Toronto auditor general Beverly Romeo-Beehler wonders if a reported $3.4 million loss to the transit system due to faulty machines is actually understated. Along with vending machines clogged with uncollected coins, Metrolinx is allegedly making “unauthorized withdrawals” from the TTC.

Andy Byford pulls a Costanza

Life imitated Seinfeld when the former TTC CEO resigned from his similar role in New York City, amid unspecified “concerns” with governor Andrew Cuomo. And then Byford showed up at work after the weekend:

Ryerson’s newspaper reports on how less than half of Ryerson wants to fund it. Data resulting from Ontario’s new Student Choice Initiative remains largely elusive, but The Eyeopener noted a 44.4 per cent opt-in from students who will flow it $5.65 this year.

Finally, burnishing the bongs

Anvil has released 17 albums to date, each one packaged with the template of their 1981 debut, Hard ’n’ Heavy: two alliterative words, and artwork indicative of the band name. The 18th captures their creative inspiration: